Let’s figure out the Top 5 High Powers!

What is high power to you? Have you ever thought about it? Well from the purest religious beliefs to the present day atheism – we can’t actually deny the fact of the supreme powers. There are 5 such omni-powers that have also have not been denied by the scientists either. I believe it so that there are such 5 powers that we just can’t ignore being a part of the world.

Nature: Mankind simply can’t estimate the contribution of nature on Earth. We believe that Mother Nature is the greatest teacher besides our parents and teachers. Kids from their first breath start to learn from the nature and it is one of the greatest strengths that exists. Whatever happens, whatever dies, the nature never stops its seasons. Never stop the rhythm of creating lives and preserving it and when finally it dies, it creates something new to replace it. Isn’t it a supreme power that is working behind it? Have you ever though that that who controls the nature? Or is it the high power that nature itself is?

Music: Music is a great healer. Shakespeare himself has quoted that “if music be the food of love… play on”. Music helps us to cherish any of our emotions whether we are happy, sad, in love, amazed and so on. Definitely this is a high power without any doubt.

The Universe: This is the exact definition of infinity. There is no beginning and any end of the universe. So we trust it with divine powers.

Humanity: This is an unseen wire called humanity that connects all human being. We do charity, love kids and poor, shelter the neglected that’s all because of our humanity which is an ominous power.

The Faceless God: It is said that knowing the unknown is similar to find God. We haven’t seen Him but believe that the Earth moves because of Him, we are existing because of Him. And He is the supreme power- the high power to sustain the universe, humans and the humanity.

Contribution of Technology Today

This is such a topic of discussion that no one knows where to start and where to end. Today’s world is so much benefited by the technology that we don’t know how to thank the scientists and developers who are in a constant process of developing technology for the betterment of mankind. In fact, they did their best and the best example we have today is INTERNET. Though initially this was built for the military but later on during the 90’s they gave access to the civilians to use this technology and what happened next is simply in front of us today.

We have Google and other working search engines that are dominating the world today by offering information anytime and anywhere. Besides people are also accustomed to mail and share other valuable information like doing their banking and all via this amazing technology. What can be the greatest boon of science more than internet? Definitely we have the one of the kind engines and machineries that have contributed best for the development of the society. Whether it is the infrastructure machines or the engineering tools to build aero planes, all are because of the high end technology that has been promulgated across worldwide today.

When you are using a small mobile phone in your pocket and can hold the world in that as you can email, chat, banks transact though it, just think that initially it was a room when the computers were first created from the time of Charles Babbage- The father of Computers. But today that has been shortened into a micro chip that they call a memory card; this is the biggest achievement of modern day technology and we are lucky to have that.


Space wonders us- How?

There will be hardly anyone who is not excited about space. Those who are deeply interested to keep a tab on that, always keep themselves updated with all the latest ventures of NASA and all the space station launches and researches of the nations like Russia, India and Japan- that demand special mention.

As kids we loved watching the space ship cartoons and used to fantasize that we are in space and meeting with so many adventures at a time. In fact, after growing you some of the interested kids have started their career as aero space engineers and scientists as well. It’s all because of the love for the space and the unending universe.

Nowadays, it is heard that people will now be all set to explore the space as their vacation journey. Isn’t that exciting? Through it will cost them something around $80,000 approx per head and more. Still, sources from NASA have informed that they are planning for such an exploration for the interested candidates who are deeply interested to visit the space before they die.

How exciting and unique that can be when a group of super curious and super courageous men and women will set out to spend their vacation in the space wearing the oxygen mask all throughout and seeing the amazing things including mars, Neptune etc. they will also get a chance to visit the moon as well if they plan actually work out. Nevertheless, a view of the Earth from space can really give them an out of the earth experience of their lifetime that’s for sure.


Different types of Satellites

Satellites are the best inventions of scientists so far. They started their journey with Sputnik the first satellite launched by the Russians. These are devices that revolve around the orbit of the Earth, moon or any other planer and record facts of the places. US also sent Explorer followed by the Sputnik that continued to be in the space for nearly three months.

Today, Mangalayan a satellite to Mars has been sent by the Indians with all success. It is collecting rare photographs of the planet that will contribute a lot in further research and development.

Let’s check some of the top types of satellites:

To communicate scientists have established Communication Satellites:

This device is powered to distribute television and audio signals as well as telephone connections. Geostationary satellites can do this job best. The first US made satellite of this type is Syncom3.

The Navigation Satellites:

This type of satellite has been a benefactor for strengthening the transportation. Mainly this helps the transporting vessels and ships through air and water. This also contributes to the military purpose positioning at a lower orbit. The commercial planes and ships are also benefited. This is also helpful to measure the distance between buildings.

Forecast or Weather Satellites

Humanly it is not possible to figure out the exact weather of the places. With the help of the advanced satellite technology, it is now possible to get the exact weather forecast globally along with graphs and pictures.